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RealTree Hardwoods HD Buoyancy Aid Vest from Fladen

By Elton on December 04,2006

IMPORTANT: The following review is offered for free use on any website operating the TackleBargains.co.uk affiliate scheme. Apart from obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, the text may not be changed in any way. Obviously, links should be changed to include your affiliate code! Image placement is entirely up to you.

People who know me and have seen me out fishing recently may well have noticed that my, err, ‘manly’ physique has been somewhat enhanced recently. Despite rumours to the contrary, this is not down to me eating all the pies, but because I’ve been wearing the RealTree Hardwoods HD Bouyancy Aid Vest from Fladen underneath my usual fishing jacket.

It is important to note that this is a flotation aid, not a lifejacket. The fundamental difference being that this will not turn you the right way up in water in the same manner as a life jacket. It should, however, float you on the surface of the water. This would gain you what could be vital seconds if you were to fall in the water. I now wear this buoyancy vest when river fishing and on lakes with deep margins. To be honest, I should have been wearing something like it for years.

The jacket conforms to EN393 standards, so you know that there is no compromise in build quality and the crotch straps, although a little strange to get used to at first, mean that the jacket won’t slide off you in water. There is even a whistle attached inside one pocket for summoning help.

From a practical point of you, think of the RealTree Hardwoods HD Buoyancy Aid Vest as a padded fly-vest. The five pockets and two mesh outer pockets that it has have been designed with the outdoor community in mind, so it is absolutely superb for stalking and roving anglers. I’ve got a feeling this jacket will get a lot of use from me!

Carp anglers are already familiar with RealTree patterns. They really are the best camouflage patterns available today. There's no need to compromise, not when TackleBargains are supplying them this cheap.

The RealTree Hardwoods HD Buoyancy Aid Vest comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and, a the time of writing, TackleBargains were selling them at the unbelievably low price of just £34.50! That’s half the usual retail price. At that price, be quick! Click here to go straight to the correct page.

Elton Murphy, Editor - www.AnglersNet.co.uk

Realtree Buoyancy Aid

Realtree Buoyancy Aid

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