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Compact Digital Scales

By Elton on December 04,2006

IMPORTANT: The following review is offered for free use on any website operating the TackleBargains.co.uk affiliate scheme. Apart from obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, the text may not be changed in any way. Obviously, links should be changed to include your affiliate code! Image placement is entirely up to you.

Over the last few years I could only have been described as an occasional angler. Only having the opportunity to go fishing a few times a year, I’d been happy to get away and spend a day catching an assortment of small fish, certainly never landing anything worthy of recording the weight!

However, in the last few months, having invested in membership of my local club and negotiated with the wife, I’ve been a regular visitor to the bank. With the luxury of time, the winter was spent wandering the river in search of Chub, whilst the advent of spring has seen me targeting Tench and Bream with some success. Therefore, I was delighted to be offered the chance to try a set of  Westboao OCS-2 Electronic Weight Scales from http://www.tacklebargains.co.uk/, especially as I was starting to catch fish worth weighing.

The first thing that struck me on opening the box was that when they say “portable” they mean it. Barely being bigger than my mobile phone, it would comfortably fit into a full tackle box and even into a pouch on the stalking belt I use on the river. This also means that when it comes to operating the controls, weighing a single figure fish, everything can be done with one hand by gripping the scales and operating the controls easily with your thumb. When it comes too bigger fish there is a useful extendable handle on top, allowing for a two handed lift, the weighing hook being big enough to securely hold a landing net head or sling.
The Westboao OCS-2 scales I tried were rated up to 30kg (66lb), yet on the various items and fish I weighed they proved very accurate right down to ¾ of a pound and up to 25lb. My only concern in trying to weigh anything larger than this would be the limited handle size to gain a comfortable grip and keep the fish safe.

The controls consist of an “on/off”, a “tare” function to zero the scales, a button to “set” the measure between pounds and kilogrammes, plus a really useful “hold” button which allows you to fix the weight displayed on the digital screen. In addition, the scales have a battery saving auto switch off after 60 seconds of inactivity, handy in the excitement of catching a big fish, but make sure you’ve made a mental note of the weight before you measure the fish using the built in 1m (3’3”) tape and return it to the water !

So, if you’re catching chunky roach or hunting big carp, at a price of £29.94 from http://www.tacklebargains.co.uk/ these compact , robust and accurate digital scales are great value, especially compared to other bulkier spring scales with a lower weight capacity.

Nic Horne - www.AnglersNet.co.uk

Compact Digital Scales

Compact Digital Scales

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