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Welcome To Affiliate-Tips.co.uk

By Elton on November 09,2006

Hello and welcome to affiliate-tips.co.uk.

This site was launched in November, 2006, as a means to share some of my experiences of affiliate programmes over the years and, hopefully, to exchange information with other webmasters who use affiliate schemes to earn money from their websites.

The site was created as a direct result of me being appointed the Affiliate Manager of TackleBargains, a UK based mail order fishing tackle company. Rather than just email the TackleBargains affiliates, it makes sense to me to publish the ideas on a website so that they can be accessed 365 days a year, by existing and new affiliates.

Also, many of the ideas that I hope to publish over the coming months will apply to any number of affiliate schemes. Some have been learnt by me the hard way, others I've found on the internet in use by people far cleverer than me!

I'll admit that, like many other website owners, I haven't paid enough attention to affiliate schemes over the years. They've always been one of those “when I've got some spare time” jobs that never seem to get done. How stupid have I been? The earlier you do some positive work in relation to affiliate schemes, the more money it can make you over time! All the time that the bright idea you've had (or seen elsewhere) appears in your pending tray and not on your website, it's earning you NOTHING! Get it done today and it could earn you money every day of the week!!

I got a wake up call recently, when I got a cheque from http://www.spex-4-less.com/ and took a look at my stats. I had done no work whatsoever the previous month, yet my earnings for that affiliate alone were over over £100 from a couple of old links on old pages deep within my website. How much could that have been with some effort? I'll never know....but I intend to not let that happen again.

Anyway, enough waffle. This was supposed to be a brief introduction! Hopefully, it's given some idea of what I want this website to be and encouraged you to bookmark it. It may have even encouraged you to click the two links above and sign up to their schemes. Why not? It's free to sign up and takes about a minute to do. You know it makes sense.....

Elton Murphy - Webmaster

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